Sunday Summary 02/07/17 |Random Mancunian|

blog shoesI know it’s not Sunday but this is what i got up to on Sunday.  I started my day waking up at around 1 (late i know) I did a small workout using the app 30 Day Fitness Challenge I think it’s a very good app if you’re new to working out like i am, it starts you off with short, easier workouts, then they get longer and harder as they days go by. It includes full body workouts, ab workouts, arm workouts and leg work outs. It also teaches you how to do the different exercises so you’re not left thinking what the hell is a burpee? I then had my breakfast which consisted mostly of fruit but i threw in a bit of yogurt to get that calcium. (fun fact: i HATE milk) I was supposed help clean the garden up but i just ended taking these pictures for this blog haha, i did help a little though so i wasn’t completely useless. then i spent the rest of my just chilling, had a shower, brushed my teeth and went to bed.

me blog
A picture of me looking very sporty.

Bye for now.


Hello It’s Me…

Hope you got the little Adele reference 😉 But hi I’m just another random girl on the internet with a blog. I hope you carry on reading my blog, I don’t really know what i am going to post, I don’t think I’m going to be a beauty blogger, I think i’m going to be a bit of  a random blogger, is that a thing haha? But yeah everything will be a little random i guess  until i find an angle. Not the greatest first post but I’m new to this so please don’t roast me.

See Ya Soon