My Top 5 Favourite TV Shows || Random Mancunian

5. Pretty Little Liars- if you haven’t heard of pretty little liars you should definitely check it out. the story starts off with 5 girls in a barn drinking but one of them go missing in the middle of the night, a year later the other 4 girls start receiving threatening texts from who they think is from the missing girl. Just want to mention that it ended a few months ago but if you live in the U.K all the seasons are on Netflix.

4. F.R.I.E.N.D.S- My motto is an episode of friends a day keeps the sorrow away. whenever i’m in a crappy mood i just watch a few episodes of friends and it honestly cheers me up so much.

3. The Originals- This show is a spin off of the Vampire diaries and it is just as great in my opinion, you get to see more of an insight of the Michaelson family. They are filming the final season right now and i am so excited to see what happens next and how they are going to end it.

2. The Vampire Diaries- i wasn’t sure about this when i first started watching as the first few episodes drag a little but i thought i’d see them through and i am so glad i did! (i caught up in less than a month) This show has made me feel all the emotions i just love it, it ended  a few months and i am so sad about that but the ending was perfect in a bittersweet way.

1.Teen Wolf-  Yes the name Teen Wolf puts you off watching it, i know i was definitely put of by it. The only reason i started watching this show is because i ran out of shows to watch and i am so glad i started watching it, this show was probably the reason i gave The Vampire Diaries a chance because it was the first supernatural TV show i watched and loved.  With Teen wolf every season gets better and better and i just kept thinking whilst watching every season ‘nope they can’t top this supernatural problem next season but they do every time! You fall in love with the characters as you watch them grow. My favourite character in this show is Stiles he’s the sarcastic funny sidekick kind of character played by Dylan O’Brien. The show is currently ending with the last 10 episodes coming out every Sunday and i will be really sad to see this show go. I would like to add that i am so glad Jeff Davis the producer did not write Vampires into the storyline bu instead wrote other creatures into it that we wouldn’t expect. My only issue is that Dylan O’Brien is not in the title credits for the last 10 episodes 🙂

Looks like most of my favourite TV shows have ended or are close to ending soon (need to find something new to watch)

Comment down below your favourite TV shows  and if you love the TV shows i talked about too.

Bye for now xxx

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