Hello, Hola, Bonjour, and that’s as far as my knowledge of how to say hello in other languages goes. But hi and thanks for taking the time to click on this blog. I started this blog because i like reading blogs myself about the things i enjoy and it;s reading something and relating to it whether that be the type of skin you have or hair or what you like to wear. I want to share what i like and hope my reader enjoy it and share their opinions and really connect with my blog.

So a little background. I am a sarcastic 19 year old student studying sociology and criminology in Manchester. Overall i’m just a pretty laid back person. I enjoy a wide range of activities including writing, eating, painting, relaxing and hanging out with my friends. oh and binge watching TV shows… I hope you all find something about me that you can relate to.

If you want to get into contact with me don’t hesitate to contact me using my contact page i would love to hear from you.

Happy Reading xxxx